City Bikes

Our City Bikes

Whether you need it for your daily commute or just to pop to the shop, our city bikes are the perfect way to traverse the concrete jungle.    

Browse our extensive range of folding bikes, electric bikes, and classic city bikes to find the perfect model of bike for you.

Why Buy a City Bike?

City bikes are the answer to your busy-life problems.  Popping to the shops?  Traversing traffic?  Meeting friends?  Daily commuting?  Simply hop on your bike!  

We carry a range of categories of conventional and non-conventional city bikes, like electric and pedal-powered, foldable and fixed frame, so you can find the perfect bike for your cycling needs.  Our city bikes have a huge range of awesome features, such as electric motors, speed sensors, funky colours, and modern structures.  The bold design of many of our city bikes makes them a fashionable and eye-catching piece of equipment.  

We have a wide variation of bikes in stock, so scroll through our city bikes and find the one for you!  Be sure to check the product specifications to learn more about the brake type, tire size, tire type, and any electric information you may need.  

Electric City Bikes

Our electric city bikes are sleek, modern, and convenient.  If you would like a little extra help on your cycling journey, electric bikes are the gadget you need.  

With a max range of up to 60 kilometers, speeds of up to 15 miles per hour, and lots of impressive features attached, an e-city bike is fun, modern, and efficient.  The small, electric motor makes it easier than ever to weave through traffic, climb hills, and get from A to B.  Different electric bikes have different features and gadgets for you to play around with, such as speed sensors, docking stations, e-system displays, and comfort features.  

Looking for an electric bike that isn't listed here?  Check out our full range of e-bikes here!  

Foldable City Bikes

Fashion meets function with a foldable bike.  It doesn't get easier than having a bicycle that folds into a tiny, easily storable size due to its innovative, compact design.  

This type of bike is designed for the modern cyclist.  Your daily commute could not be easier as your transport folds to sit under your desk, and pops back to life when you need it next.    

These bikes are perfect for bike-based commuting and should be a part of your essential commuting gear. 

Our Guarantee

Our bikes are of a beautiful quality and we are proud to be stockists of some very reputable cycle brands.  We wish the most safety for your Our electric bikes come with their own e-system batteries and e-system chargers.  Our brake levers lead to hydraulic disc brakes, and tire sidewalls are reinforced to ensure your ultimate cycle safety.  

Can't find what you're looking for?

Maybe mountain biking is more your thing, or perhaps a road bike?  We do not just sell city bikes!  Our stock goes beyond a collection of commuter bikes and classic bikes.  Discover the comfort of road bikes, the sleek style of a cruiser bike or scooter, and all the accessories you can imagine.  Make sure to grab a bike repair kit for all of those untimely bike repairs, so you can avoid the bike shop and keep cycling.  

Check out our ranges of mountain bikes, road bikes, dirt bikes, downhill bikes, and trail bikes.


City Bikes FAQs

This depends on what you use your bike for and how often you need it. While bike hire is cheap, it's not always convenient. Sometimes you can't find one, or you need to travel into the centre of your area to get one. You also can't take it home with you or leave it outside your office all day.

The cost of a city bike might seem high, but if you add up the equivalent amount you would spend on hiring a bike, as well as the convenience of owning your own, we think buying your own bike wins overall.

Cycling is all around great!

By taking a bike ride instead of a car, you are making a more environmentally friendly decision, as well as giving yourself a cardiovascular workout and working your legs and core in the process.

Bike rides are fun. You can explore your area in style, meet friends, and run errands using a bike, not to mention the opportunity to take a bike trip!