Our Specialist Downhill Mountain Bikes

Downhill bikes, or downhill mountain bikes, are polished and technical pieces of equipment.  With wide handlebars, thick tyres, full suspension, and a high-quality build, you can traverse technical and steep trails with ease.

Whether you're showing off your skills in the bike park, challenging yourself with a cross country journey, or competing on long and tricky descents, we are sure we have the downhill bike for you.

Find our range of downhill mountain bikes here, and elevate your downhill racing game.

About Our Downhill Bikes

Mountain bikes and downhill bikes are built for difficult terrains and extreme journeys.  These specialized cycles vary from standard bikes in terms of their build, because durability and stability are at the forefront of their designs.  

Whether you are just starting out in your downhill cycling journey or you are a weathered racer, we have the bike for you.  Downhill bikes have the lightest frames, thick tyres and a smaller wheel size to allow them to traverse intense terrains.  Downhill bikes also have either full suspension or front wheel suspension, also known as “hardtail” suspension, to allow riders to remain comfortable when racing.  

Functionality meets sleek design with Commencal downhill bikes.  We are proud to be trusted retailers of Commencal bikes, and their products speak for themselves.  A trail bike should prioritise a safe build and include everything needed to race downhill, and the good looks are just a bonus!  Carbon frames, gleaming rims, rear shock absorption, sleek pedals, and discrete chain guides are built into these impressive pieces of equipment and they are worth it.  The detail in the design of these bikes will turn heads on the trails.  

Downhill Bike FAQs

Downhill bikes or downhill mountain bikes are usually full suspension bikes with a more relaxed design so the rider can sit further back. They usually have slightly smaller rims to allow for more structural integrity.

Basically, the structure of a downhill bike is built to take a lot of impact. The sturdiest structure is given to a bike that will be hurtling down steep trails and treks!

Yes! You can ride a downhill bike the same way that you would ride any other bike. The full suspension may also make for a smoother ride, as the bike will take the impact of any imperfections on the road.
If you are strong, it is possible for you to ride your downhill bike uphill! Because they are built to go the opposite direction, the structure can make it difficult to go uphill, but it is ultimately something you can do.