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Here at Top Class Bikes, we carry a fantastic range of adult kick scooters.  With large wheels, high quality frames, and innovative folding mechanisms, our adult scooters are built to last and are guaranteed to give you a smooth ride.  Swifty Scooters are unmatched in terms of quality and aesthetic.  They take on a retro look, but their build is straight from the 21st century.

Skip the public transport and grab a stylish, functional, foldable, commuter scooter.  All of our scooters are easily folded and can be wheeled alongside you, or stored into a small space with ease.  They are built to be travel friendly, so you can take your scooter with you wherever you go!  The shock-absorbing, large wheels and tyres allow them to be used off-road and on many terrains, while their lightweight structure means they can be packed and carried with ease.

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Adult scooters are exactly that. Manufacturers have taken a classic toy, a kids scooter, and matured it to be appropriate for adult use! Our range of two wheel scooters can be used for both on and off-road terrains, commuting to work, excercise, and just for fun!

All of the products here are folding scooters.  Yes, even the SwiftyONE MK3 (and the Forest Green one).  This is so they can be easily rolled onto public transport, cleverly stored away in a small space, and easily travelled with.  This is also made possible by their lightweight design.  Folding scooters are so easy to use and are a great answer to so many commuter or traveller problems.  Make a long walk into a short scoot, traverse different terrains, and use the foldable design to store your scooter away once you're finished with it.

Scooting is a great way to work out your core, glutes, quads, and calves and you can put in as much effort as you like.  There is a rider weight limit of 150kg with these scooters, and we offer two height options instead of a fully adjustable handlebar to make for a sturdier build.  You can even purchase replacement handlebars, as well as grips, mudguards, and much more from our accessories page.

The quality of these products is unmatched.  The tyres and larger wheel size ensure a smooth and balanced ride by taking on a shock-absorbing role in the structure of the scooters.  The big wheels are also eye catching and stylish, and give a retro look.  Scooters are fitted with a kickstand for easy parking, and a quality braking system with a Tektro V handbrake on not only the front wheel, but the rear wheel too.

Looking for something a little more high-tech?  You should browse our range of adult electric scooters!  Our e-scooters have a long battery life, and a max speed of 15.5mph.  They are modern, impressive pieces of tech and some of them have cool gadgets integrated into their design, such as LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, and screen displays.

If you're tempted by a kick scooter but want something more grown up, an electric scooter might be the gadget for you.  They are modern, impressive pieces of technology that are great fun to ride with long battery-life and LED light displays.  Check out our electric scooters page to find out more about these new gadgets and to browse our huge range of adult electric scooters.

Adult Scooter FAQs

Here at Top Class Bikes, we love Swifty Scooters. Their design is sturdy, high quality, and built to last. We love their big wheels, fun colours, quality handbrakes, lightweight frame, and foldable design.
Scooting has many benefits, other than being super fun! More and more people are using scooters to commute to work or run errands. They are an environmentally-friendly, time-saving, and healthy way to get around. Scooting is also fantastic exercise. Work your glutes, core, quads, and calves while you travel or explore.
There are traditional kick scooters, and electric scooters. Kick scooters are a more traditional style of scooter, whereas an electric scooter is often much more modernised. Each of these models have differing pros and cons, most notably the legal implications of owning an e-scooter. Check out our electric scooter page to learn more and find out which type of scooter suits you.
Our scooters range from £549 to £899 for some of the best adult kick scooters that you can buy. Always aim for quality products to ensure your safety, as well as for those around you.