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Using a balance board can improve your balance, agility and core body strength in the comfort of your home. It works by destabilising your lower body which activates muscles in your feet and ankles and up into your legs, hips and core. Using a balance board activates synapses in your brain which helps to improve balance and muscle coordination, it’s also fun to use!

The Balance Boards are handmade at SwiftyHQ, it can take up to 7 working days to dispatch your order.

• Recommend using with the Swifty Cork Roller, sold separately here
• Designed and Made in Manchester UK at SwiftyHQ
• Balance Board made from 100% FSC Certified Birch Plywood
• The Swifty Balance Board has four fins to provide control and prevent finger trapping
• Plywood treated with plant-based pigment and clear varnish



Max Load: 150kg (330lbs)
Min User Age: 8 years old
Material: 18mm 100% FSC Certified Birch Plywood
Plywood treatment: Plant-based pigment and clear varnish
Length: 818mm
Width: 340mm
Weight: 2.85kg | 6.28lbs

Customer Reviews

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Tessa Finger
Healthy surprise

A birthday present for my husband who is hoping to do some snowboarding again soon (after some time away and more skiing) and he is chuffed with it. Children also do some balancing when they have a few minutes here and there – way better than turning to their digital devices (and what I had hoped might happen). Win, win!