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SwiftyZERO-e is the big-wheel, ‘kick-assist’ e-scooter that’ll transform your journey. Revered for its high quality, lightweight frame and stable geometry, the 16-inch pneumatic wheels and the elegantly formed aluminium frame lets you glide over uneven terrain in comfort and in style.

Available UK Mainland only, processing time 7 days.

Perfect for commuting, SwiftyZERO-e is more than just for the “last-mile”. The long-range (25 miles / 40 km) is aided by the kick-assist design to dispel any ‘range anxiety’ during your commute. You can ride using the throttle only and add human power when needed!

Weighing only 13.6 kgs, SwiftyZERO-e is the lightest electric scooter in our range. Surprisingly smooth and fast this scooter can easily travel in excess of 9 mph / 15kph on the flat in human-power mode, and up to 15.5mph / 25kph at full throttle.

Adult riders deserve proper wheels. The 16-inch (305 mm) wheelsets offer optimum comfort, speed and stability - feel the glide! SwiftyZERO-e’s frame geometry offers a comfortable upright riding position and stable handling, perfect for cruising along in style.

The compact-sized 36V battery can be charged on or off the scooter, and comes with a compact charger making it easy to charge on the go. A full charge takes up to 6 hours and has a range of 25 miles / 40 km (based on 75kg rider on flat and smooth conditions).

With safety in mind, the SwiftyZERO-e comes with front and rear lights; front, rear and side reflectors (tyre wall); and a stylish brass dome Swifty bell! We strongly recommend riders wear a helmet, and high-vis and reflective clothing at night.


Max Speed: 15.5 mph / 25 kph

Range: 25 miles / 40 km (can double to 50+ miles range with kick-assisted power)*

Motor: 250 W brushless hub motor

Removable Battery: 36V 9Ah, 313Wh lithium-ion battery, lockable with key

Battery Size and Weight: 175 × 120 × 76 mm, weight 1.94 kg

Throttle: Grip twist

Drive Type: Front Wheel

* dependant on terrain, weather conditions, rider weight, tyre pressure etc


Brakes: Front and rear Tektro V-brake with hand levers

Lights: Front and rear

Reflectors: Front, Rear and side (tyre wall)

Bell: Brass dome Swifty Bell

Throttle Type: Grip twist

Drive Type: Front Wheel

Display: Backlit LCD screen, speedometer, odometer, battery level

Age: 16yrs +

Helmet: Strongly advised (sold separately)


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