Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking, or MTB, is a fast-paced and exciting off-road sport that requires a reliable and high quality mountain bike.  Whether you are a competitive mountain bike racer or you are new to off-road terrains, you need a bike that can withstand difficult terrains.  

Look no further than Top Class Bikes!  Our bike shop has a huge range of mountain bikes including electric mountain bikes, unisex bikes, hardtail and full suspension mountain bikes, and more.  

About Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is an intense sport that requires an equally as intense piece of equipment.  Your mountain bike must withstand tremendous pressure from riding in all terrains, and must remain sturdy and reliable.  Whether you are involved in downhill, enduro, or cross country riding, your bike must be fast, nimble, and responsive.  

What Makes Our Mountain Bikes Different?

Mountain bikes themselves differ slightly from other bike types.  This is because they are built for durability and endurance more than other models of bikes, making mountain bikes heavier and less efficient on smooth surfaces.    

The seat posts are placed at a higher angle and the saddle is generally wider and more cushioned than that of a road bike.  Handlebars of a mountain bike are straight rather than downturned to allow the rider to sit upright during their trail.  The brakes are one of the only similarities between mountain bikes and road bikes, with most of them using hydraulic disc brakes.

Mountain bikes and trail bikes are usually full suspension bikes, allowing riders to traverse intense terrains without damaging their bike.  Some may just have front suspension, but it is generally rider preference whether the bike has full suspension, or whether they go for a hardtail mountain bike.  If your trails are generally smoother, hardtail bikes may be the better option for you!

We have not divided our range of bikes into "women's mountain bikes" and "men's mountain bikes".  By keeping our collection unisex we have left the decision up to you.  Do not let a gender category prevent you from purchasing your perfect bike!  

Mountain bikes are famous for their small wheel size.  Across all mountain bikes, the wheel size can sometimes match junior bikes as they are so small.  This, as well as the way an mtb is used, means that there are also specific tyres for these bikes which will be worth bearing in mind when it comes to repairs and replacements.  

Our bikes meet all the specifications needed for them to be perfect for their intended use.  Browse our accessories page to find fun extras to add to your bike, such as mudguards, alternative handlebars, and much more.

Our Categories of Bike

Is this not what you are looking for?  

Browse our ranges of e-bikes and hybrid bikes, kids bikes, scooters, and our vast range of categories of unisex adult bikes which includes downhill bikes, city bikes, road bikes, and much more. 

We are proud to be a bike shop full of wonderful cycling brands and products, so if you have any queries or cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mountain Bikes FAQs

There are a few specifics of your bike that you will need to decide on: the frame size, the suspension, and the wheel size. The frame size and wheel size are important for your comfort and control. When it comes to suspension, you have to decide whether you would like full suspension or hardtail suspension.

It is important that you know which of these options will work best for you, depending on what your bike will be used for.

Yes! Mountain bikes are designed to ride both on and off-road. A hardtail bike will be easier to ride on roads, though.
Mountain biking is an incredible cardio workout. Traversing varying surfaces and inclines means that your entire upper body needs to work to move your bike, while your quads are working to pedal. Almost your whole body is worked out during a mountain bike ride.