Road Bikes

Whether you’re commuting or racing, traverse the tarmac with an aerodynamic, high-performance road bike.

Road bikes have an iconic silhouette, and with their drop handlebars, hydraulic disc brakes, and sleek framesets, you can cycle in unmistakable style.

What is a Road Bike?

Road bikes are designed to travel with speed and ease on any road.

At first glance, this type of bike has not changed much in the last 50 years, but there is nothing at all traditional about the modern capabilities of a new bike built for road riding.

From the super sleek steel or carbon frames, to the high quality groupsets, to the impressive gear system, you can be certain that your ride will be smooth with the help from the perfect road bike.

Rather the opposite of a gravel bike, road bikes are built for commuting, triathlon racing, or simply getting you from A to B on paved surfaces. They are super sturdy and aerodynamic, and are built with outstanding quality in mind.

Instead of splitting our range into men’s and women’s road bikes, we have kept our range unisex so you can find the perfect model without sizing or style concerns.

Not sure if your journey is too much for a pedal powered bike? Browse our range of e-bikes and hybrid bikes here.

Features of our Road Bikes

Wheels and Tyres

Road Bikes do not require as much durability as other bikes like mountain bikes or downhill bikes, so the wheels are often lighter, with fewer spokes.

Tyres of road bikes and road racing bikes are often quite slim as aerodynamics are at the forefront of every build. They are not as slim as they used to be, however, to increase rider comfort and the speed of your journeys. When purchasing your road bike, be sure to familiarise yourself with the tyre specification for repairs and spares!


The frame and fork of a bike make up the frameset. Flat top-tubes and short seatposts make up the shape of the frame, allowing riders to position themselves comfortably and effectively for easy travel.

Steel or carbon road bikes are the most common frame materials, as they are lightweight yet hard-wearing.


Most road bikes will use disc/calliper brakes or rim brakes. Rim brakes work by squeezing the sides of the wheel rims, whereas disc brakes grab the disc rotors.

Disc road bikes are generally regarded as the safest due to their superior performance in wet weather, but rim brakes will be more than sufficient!


Your bike alone is just the start.

Customise your bike to fit your needs. Commuting to work? You may need a bag to carry your supplies, or mudguards to protect your office outfit.

Browse our accessories for mudguards, cycling gloves, handlebar bags, and much more.

Finance Options and Warranty Information

We offer LayBuy and PayPal credit for easy, smaller payments over time. Check out our finance options page for more details!

Please get in touch to discuss the warranty on your chosen model.

Road Bike FAQs

Road bikes are very versatile. They are perfect for commuting, racing, touring, and fitness riding.

They are built with aerodynamics in mind and are made for tarmac or concrete surfaces, so any riding on a flat, solid surface works great for this type of bike.

The majority of cyclists can reach average speeds of 15mph in one hour of cycling, meaning you can travel 15 miles in one hour of cycling. With regular training, this can go up to 18-22mph if you should wish for faster ride times.

Yes. Road bikes are built to be aerodynamic and to be ridden on smooth terrains, meaning riders often need not exercise a high level of control anyway!