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Are you looking for an eco-friendly way to get around?  Does your bike need an upgrade?  Or are you simply just wanting a fun way to get from A to B?  An E-Bike is perfect for you!

With a huge range of E-Bikes at varying price points, picking a more sustainable and healthy mode of transport has never been easier.

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular as a way to commute, travel, and explore.  They are easy to use, fold, charge, and store, as well as being an environmentally friendly transport option.

Skip the traffic and replace four tyres with two.  Check out our range of electric bikes below!

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Tackle hills, long stretches, and multiple terrains with ease when using an electric bike.

Is your commute too long, too physically demanding, or not accessible with public paths?  Most electric bicycles can go up to 15.5mph and 60 miles on one charge.  This can change depending on the model or if you’re using a folding E-Bike or city style electric bike which use smaller batteries.  One charge uses approximately 500 to 800 watt hours, which will only cost you 5-8p per charge!  Compared to buying the equivalent amount of petrol, this is a huge financial difference, not to mention the positive impact on the planet.  Trekking to work has never been better for you or for the place you live.

There are many types of electric bikes.  Here at Top Class Bikes, we carry a range of folding E-Bikes, electric mountain bikes, and electric city bikes.  Almost all of our E-Bikes are electric hybrid bikes.  Electric hybrid bikes can be described as normal, pedal powered bikes with an assisting motor.

Electric bikes can be lightweight and easy to fold and store.  Electric folding bikes are a great option for someone who is always on the go.  Our electric folding bikes are perfect for travelling with, and can be easily folded to take on buses, trams, or trains.  This is made possible by their clever frames and small wheel size.  Lightweight and delightfully versatile, an electric folding bike is the answer to your transport needs.  Bikes like foldable bikes and city bikes are likely to have a motor in the rear hub.  While this may not give off the most power, it is powerful enough for someone riding to commute and will definitely still be felt by the rider.

Electric mountain bikes (or e-mtbs) can be used off-road.  Mountain bikers are discovering the joys of hybrid electric bicycles, as when you are off-road you can truly feel the benefits of the batteries or motor kicking in.

Electric and unisex city bikes are stylish and sleek, designed to take you around your concrete jungle.  Cycling your commute has never been easier with an electric bicycle purpose built for city streets.

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On Electric Bike Legislation and Concerns

We know a lot of people are not convinced to get an electric bike because of concerns with safety and legislation.  UK legislation states that as long as your electric bike has pedal assist, does not exceed 15.5mph, and the electric motor has a maximum output of 250 watts, it can be classed as a normal pedal bike.  This means all of the cycling rules for a non-electric bike apply to your E-Bike, and you do not require a license nor do you pay road tax.  As long as your electric bike is within these margins, you can ride it the same way you would a pedal bike.

Electric Bike FAQ

Like pedal bikes, there are many different types of E-Bike. As well as electric mountain bikes, electric city bikes, and electric hybrid bikes, there are also electric cargo bikes, electric road bikes, gravel bikes, and many more. There are even attachable electric bike kits to take your current bike from pedal powered to motor assisted.
Our range of electric bikes have been selected due to their high quality and good reputation. In our range you can find features such as full suspension, hydraulic disc or mechanical disc brakes, specialized motors and batteries for the best performance, reputable brands, and much more. Make sure you read up on the product specifications to see if the E-Bike that has caught your eye is the right fit for you and your needs.

Yes, electric bikes are both safe and legal. There are three features that decide whether your electric bike can be classed as a pedal bike or a moped:

  • Electric-powered speed does not exceed 15.5mph
  • Pedal assist is present
  • Motor has maximum output of 250 watts

As long as your bike is within these thresholds, you can use it the same way as a pedal bike with no need for a license or road tax.

Still not convinced by a motor assisted bike?  Check out our range of e-scooters, scooters, and our full range of bikes.  

Do you have any more questions?  Contact us with any queries and we will be happy to talk with you.